My Podcast Project

Title:  We Can Help
Main Objective: Students will make two recordings.  The first will address a concrete topic and focus on essential College information for new students.  The second recording will address the more abstract topic of students’ thoughts on what is important to them in a job or career with references to a job/career they hope to have or have already had.
Level:  Advanced
Class Type:  Adult Community College
Aim:  Provide important information and advice
Time:  Maximum 3 minutes
Materials:  Computer with Internet access and a headset with microphone
1. Teacher introduces project to class and previews Podomatic.
2. Students sign-up for a Podomatic account and start practicing how to record.
3. Students brainstorm information that would be useful to new students and choose a topic.
4. Students write a script for their recording and share with the class for commentary.  Class will provide commentary for two scripts per week.
5. Students will record their information and share with the class during a podcast screening event.  They will also send me the URL of their recording for uploading to Blackboard and, in the future, our Facebook page.
6. Students will record their thoughts on important facets of a satisfying career or job and enjoy a final screening event.

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